A lamella clarifier or inclined plate settler (IPS) is a type of high efficient setter designed to remove particulates from liquids. Compared with conventional clarifier, treatment capacity of lamella clarifier is increased 7-10 times. In this system, the inclined tube settler is the most important component.

The inclined settler can be made into plate or blocks, which is known as the corrugated plate settler for lamella clarifier and inclined tuber settler for lamella clarifier. Raw materials are made into PP sheet, then the PP sheet are pressed and corrugated into inclined sheets. Then cut them into suitable pieces to form the inclined plates. The inclined plates can be assembled into inclined tube/blocks settlers as customers requirements.

  • Control water loss and address environmental concerns.
  • Maximize drift removal with lowest pressure drop.
  • Outstanding flexibility allows tightest fit and finish during installation.
  • Rugged durability for cost efficiency and demanding applications.

Drift eliminators are used to control water loss from a cooling tower by limiting the amount of circulating water droplets that are emitted with the exhaust air of the tower. Since drift droplets contain the same chemical and particulate matter of the circulating water from which they originate, they can cause numerous detrimental effects on surrounding equipment and the environment. The cooling tower industry uses drift rate to compare drift eliminator performance, a relationship that correlates droplet capture efficiency to the water circulation rate in a tower. RUID’s drift eliminators are specifically designed to achieve maximum drift removal efficiency in both crossflow and counterflow tower applications with various product options available to minimize pressure drop, drift loss, cost, or a combination of all three.

LCITS-01: Corrugated plate for lamella clarifier.

LCITS-02: Inclined tube settler for lamella clarifier.

Working principles of lamella clarifier inclined tube settler

Raw waters in the lamella clarifier is filtered by flowing through the inclined plates or inclined tubes, which are placed inside of equipment. Solids are trapped and fall down because of gravity. Filtered water rise to the upper section and is discharged through outlet pipe. In this way, you can separate the solid and liquid effectively.

LCITS-03: Lamella clarifier inclined tube settler has high efficient solid and liquid filtering performance.

Specifications of lamella clarifier inclined tube settler
  • Material: PP.
  • Aperture: 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm.
  • Thickness: 0.45 mm – 0.8 mm.
  • Plate/block pitch angle: 45° to 70°.
  • Tube/plate length: 1 m – 2 m.
  • Sheet size: commonly is 1000 mm × 1000 mm.
  • Block size: commonly is 1000 mm × 1000 mm × 86 mm.
Advantages of lamella clarifier inclined tube settler
  • Large wetted perimeter.
  • Small hydraulic radius.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Chemical stability.
  • Temperature resistance.
  • High purifying performance.
  • High treating capacity.
  • Physical treatment instead of chemicals.
  • Cost saving and economical.
  • Non-toxic and will not pollute the water or surrounding environments.
  • COD removal rate up to 60% – 70%.
  • Color removal rate up to 60% – 90%.
Applications of lamella clarifier inclined tube settler
  • Pre-treatment stage for effluent entering membrane filters. Lamella clarifier is one of the best choice for pre-treatment ahead of membrane filters. It can purify the waters in advance through physical measure not chemicals. As we all know, the membrane does not work very well with the large particles, so the lamella clarifier can make up this deficiency. So, the lamella clarifier can not only save costs for purchasing chemicals and reduce the particles or solids damaging to the membrane and extend the membrane lifespan.
  • Municipal water treatment processes. The most common application in the water treatment system is as part of the tertiary treatment stage. It can be integrated into a whole system or used individually to increase the flow through existing water treatment. it can purify the overflow through attaching inclined plates or tube onto conventional or sludge blanket before the waste water overflowing into the clear water zone.

LCITS-04: Inclined tube settlers are used in the lamella clarifier.

LCITS-05: Inclined tube settler is used to purify waters in water treatment applications.

Specifications of Lamella Clarifier Inclined Tube Settler
Item Aperture
Pieces/m3 Weight
LCIT-01 25 0.45 44 43
LCIT-02 25 0.50 44 48
LCIT-03 30 0.45 40 36
LCIT-04 30 0.50 40 40
LCIT-05 35 0.45 38 30
LCIT-06 35 0.50 68 34
LCIT-07 40 0.45 36 27
LCIT-08 40 0.50 36 30
LCIT-09 50 0.55 30 26
LCIT-10 50 0.60 30 29
LCIT-11 60 0.55 28 22
LCIT-12 60 0.60 28 24
LCIT-13 80 0.70 22 23
LCIT-14 80 0.80 22 26
Two cooling tower in the factory is production.
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